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wedding invitation cards

Want to write a wedding invitation that is noticed for all the right reasons then read our handy guide. Leanr about what you need to include, understand the etiquette, decide what you want to say and then just put pen to paper.

Writing a wedding invitation may seem like a simple task but it can actually prove to be quite a daunting when you have to use unfamiliar formal language and rules of etiquette to ensure you give the write tone to your big day. Read on to find out just what to include and to discover some possible styles.

The Basics
Hosting: Firstly write who is hosting (paying) for the wedding. Traditionally the brides parents. If it is you, the couple, who are hosting then it should be you.
Request: Here you need to request your guests attendance
The Couple: Next list the couple, traditionally the bride is listed first.
Date & Time: The date and time of the wedding
The Location: Give the address of the location
Reception: Give the address if necessary and the time of your reception
RSVP or Reply Card: Request that the guest RSVP by writing this at the bottom or alternatively send a reply card with invitation to get a quicker response time.

Added Information
If you feel that your guests need more information than the standard wedding invite will allow. It is possible to add extra information to the invitation.

Perhaps you’d like them to know about what to wear. In this case you could use wording like black tie, semi-formal, cocktail attire, festive attire, creative black tie, white tie, black tie optional, dressy casual, informal or fancy dress could apply.

If you do not wish to have children at the reception then add the wording ’adult reception’

Something to bear in mind when writing your wedding invitation is it isn’t good etiquette to include information about gifts, your gift register or cash as gifts.

Letter Examples
In today’s world of extended families writing a wedding invitation can be more complicated. Here are some examples you may need to reference.

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wedding bouquet

The Bridal Bouquet has to shine almost as much as the bride to be. Be inspired by our ideas and find the perfect bouquet flowers and style to match the bride, the dress and the theme of your wedding.

When it comes to the bridal bouquet roses are a classic choice. Beautiful, varied and they are available all year round. Calla Lilies are also a popular choice with brides, they can be expensive however it is quite common to see a bride carrying just one simple stem to give a simple yet classic look to the day. Orchids are a beautiful addition to any bridal bouquet but are renowned for being quite delicate; ask your florist about hardier varieties that won’t wilt at the first sign of a photographer.

Making the Bouquet
When you know what flowers you want then it’s time to decide how you want the overall bouquet to look. The perfect place for inspiration is bridal magazines. Ensure that the flowers you want and any added greenery is available for the day and if you are new to flower arranging why not try a dry one with older flowers to get the positioning right.

The night before the wedding is the perfect time to put together the wedding bouquets and even the bride groom corsages. For the bridal bouquet ensure you have a bouquet holder complete with foam to keep the flowers moist. Fill the bouquet out with greenery and create a cascade effect by cutting the stems to different lengths.

Preserving the Bridal Bouquet
You can make the wedding bouquet last longer on the wedding day by using flowers like roses that are known to have staying power. Another way to keep your bouquet looking fresh is to ask your maid of honour to stand the flowers in a vase of sugary water for half an hour.

If you actually want to preserve your bouquet after the wedding with the intention of having it as a keep sake then you can try preserving it yourself at home or take it to a professional for freeze drying or pressing. You must arrange to do this no longer than four days after the ceremony.

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wedding photographer

Looking for the perfect wedding pictures then read our to help you find tthe right wedding photographer. Be prepared, ask questions and do your research; these are just a few of the ways to ensure you get the best person for the job.

Photos are so important to a wedding in order to capture your special day it’s important to find and hire a photographer that delivers exactly what you pictured.

Picture your Day
Before you even find your photographer you need to be clear in your own mind exactly what kind of photos you want. Do you want traditional posed photos of the bride & groom, the wedding party and the families. Candid Photo Journalistic photos will capture the wedding day as a story. Editorial photos which are a mixture of both formal and more spontaneous natural shots that will show the day unfolding.

Decide on your budget and then when you have this you can start looking for potential photographers. Ask friends for recommendations go online and search in your area or bridal magazines are a good source.

Make a short list of two or three potential photographers and arrange an interview with them. Ask to see samples of their previous wedding assignments. Also it is good to ask about the equipment they plan to use and whether they offer to re-touch the photos afterwards. The interview will also be a good opportunity to see what their personality is like will play an important part in your final choice.

Deciding on the Package
Once you have made your choice finalize the details of your package. Ensure you get the photographer you dealt with. Ensure he is clear on the hours he will be expected to work and how many proofs and enlargements you are entitled too. Also make sure you have ownership of the photos afterwards and get them to write in whether you are entitled to retouching as part of the price too.

Hidden Costs & Delays
Make sure you have everything in writing. Ask to have in writing how long it will take to have the proofs, get the chosen photos and how long the company will hold on to your negatives. Another important thing you shouldn’t overlook is what the cancellation fee is should the photographer cancel.